Sunday, November 05, 2006

Not quite as clear but you can see the complete look.

Santa Clause 3 starting Alec & Jake Krolik

This is the pic of our little elf taken during filming = Oct/Nov o5.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Abbie the ballerina

Abbie is having a fun time in her dance class. Stay tuned for an upcoming recital.

Monday, May 16, 2005

New post by Amy!

I'm cool cuz I'm a member of the blog too :-D

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Ma, Pa & Cindy

Ma & Pa & Cindy on Mother's Day (& an early Father's Day) Posted by Hello

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Marissa & Abbie - this is only the next day - Notice short sleeves @ Garden pic!Posted by Hello

Colorado -- Spring (don't let the snow fool ya!) 2005 part 4

So here'e Abbie in the snow at Colorado Springs on Tuesday! Flat Stanley enjoyed the snow too!Posted by Hello

Colorado -- Spring 2005 part 3

Monday morning 4/4/05 (Happy Birthday Diana!), we were off to the Garden of the Gods. This is the only picture though :( as the camera Jake sent us off with has problems!!! The videos are great -- taking pics is optional. So we got back in the car to ride through. As we traveled along, we noticed all the riders on horses on the trails. Horseback riding being on our list of activities, we found the stables & reserved our horses. After having 4 beautiful, SUNNY - 60-70 degree days, we thought NO PROBLEM for the Tuesday, 10:30am 2-hour ride. We rushed back to the Panchal's, found Best Buy & purchased new Sony camera! Diana came home from work & stated "We going to have a major winter storm/blizzard tonight." Ha! Ha! No way! WAY!?!?!? About 2-3 am the winds started blowing & by the time we got up, we were in the middle of a BLIZZARD! Jonathan, Laura Beth & Marissa were very happy to have the day off school but Alyssa, Abbie & I were completely bummed. (There is no way we're ever moving to a place with crazy weather like this!)

Colorado -- Spring 2005

After 4 great days traveling in the car, we sent Amy & Alec back to CA by plane. Good-bye! Posted by Hello

The Trip to Colorado -- Spring 2005 continues...

Here's the happy Armstrongs. Elijah is just as cute as he looks & he looks just like his dad's baby pictures. As Melissa says "It's scary just how much they look alike!" We're hoping they'll be able to visit CA in the fall so you can all meet Elijah. Posted by Hello

Friday, April 01, 2005

Colorado Here We Come

The adventure began on Tuesday - March 29th! 4 A's, Flat Stanley & I left Irvine headed for Colorado but FIRST a stop @ the GRAND CANYON. Many may know that the previous 2 attempts at looking in the big hole were not successful. But this time "The hole was my goal!" We arrived at 4pm & as the clouds gathered together at the park entry booth, it snowed on us! Turning my disappointment into happy cries from the 3 little guys. The clouds then began to clear & we had a beautiful sunset time. We stopped at the first lookout point - Mathers. It was awesome - something you can only see for yourself no matter what anyone else may say.

Abbie (who turned 8 in March) kept asking to touch the snow. This being her first time being any where near snow - poor little California baby. I can't tell you how excited she was to touch the snow!

We then saw some elk "butt!'

The kids tired of my stopping the van for another look (there were only 5 stops already!). The camera battery died & so did this part of our adventure.

We continued on to Bison Ranch, AZ to spend two nights there. We had alot of fun - bingo, ping pong & "Master of Disguise." Lots of laughs -- lots of gas!

Thursday am found us traveling to Colorado (or trying to). A storm rolled into the Rockies & shut down our highway. We spent a night in Santa Fe. Broke out the bones & had more laughs & gas!

Friday bright & early (and the sun is bright on snow) we started out again. The highway was open & we sailed up to Denver. We found Elijah (oh & his parents too). What a cute little guy!!!

More pictures & adventures to follow...